"Remember - it's the Eradicator fabrication plan we want, not the Reployer plan. Whatever the hell a "Reployer" is."
Sarah Elazar [src]

The Reployer is a device found on Talos I and Pytheas through out the events of Prey and Prey: Mooncrash.


Reployers are devices that appears all around Talos I and Pytheas, usually in offices. The exact purpose of the device is unknown as even the TranStar employees can't tell what it is.

Notably, a Reployer produces an unusually large amount of mineral and synthetic Materials when recycled with a Recycler Charge, about 1.36 mineral and 0.46 synthetic per Reployer. If you have Leverage 2, you can stack up several Reployers to gain more than the 2 mineral and 1 synthetic material it would cost to make another charge, or you can stack broken Operators or Turrets on top of one for the same effect.


  • The Reployer was almost cut from the game three times until eventually it was turned into an inside joke.
  • Reployers are actually modeled after the 1965 IBM 2314 Disk Access Storage Facility.[1]

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