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"I dropped a couple of Nightlights to lure the Phantoms away. Put sticky notes on every godamn thing I'm sure isn't a Mimic."
Rory Manion to Demian Linn [src]

Doctor Rory Manion is a researcher working on Talos I during Prey (2017).



Rory Manion worked as a researcher in Psychotronics Lab B Behaviour Biometrics. He worked on projects like the Typhon Lure and researched Typhon behaviour.

Manion and his colleague Demian Linn made several hypotheses about the Mimics' ability to transform into still objects. Manion had three possible explanations: that the Mimics used hallucinogenic substances to give the illusion that they transformed, that they simultaneously managed to effectively change their molecular structure while somehow keeping their consciousness or that they used wormholes to switch places with objects located in a parallel universe. However, none of theses theories were completely satisfactory to them.

Dr. Kristen Schwanholz from the Pytheas Station made fun of his hypotheses, until their work with a Mimic that seemed to confirm one of them.

Manion also downloads a video game called DomeTaker III: Pilgrimage to the Autarchy of the Domed into his TranScribe, which breaks it. He then contacts Matthew Connolly to help fix this.

During the Typhon outbreak, Manion boarded himself in the labs using Typhon Lure to lure away a couple of Phantoms away and putting "Not a Mimic" notes around his lab. He then suggests to Linn to get out through the G.U.T.S. and make their way to the Arboretum. He also seals in a few Mimics inside Annalise Gallegos's office.

Prey (2017)[]

Morgan Yu finds Manion's corpse outside of Helen Barker-Combs office. A GLOO Cannon is laying near his corpse and he carries test tube sample, 9mm bullets and a transcribe. A Phantom and followed by a Mimic is seen breaking through Combs office, suggesting that Manion died from wounds inflicted by one or both of these two Typhon.