"Mayday! Mayday! This is Seajay Air 6401. We are going down! Repeat. We are going down!"
Pilot of Seajay Air 6401. [src]

The Seajay Air 6401 is airliner that appears on the Sphere during the events of Prey.

Overview Edit

This airliner while in flight was abducted by the Sphere while flying over Topeka. Once on the Sphere, the plane was cleared of passengers. The airliner first is briefly seen in level All Fall Down as it tries to desperate find a place to land. Later in level Crash Landing the airliner is seen now crashed without any passengers on it. It's presumed that all passengers of the airliner were killed or harvested by the Sphere.


  • The plane was schedulled to re-appear in cancelled Human Head Studio developed Prey 2.
    • It also was featured in the live action trailer for Prey 2.