Session Log: Danielle Sho is a TranScribe in Prey.


From: Danielle Sho
To: Mathias Kohl
Danielle Sho: These... "psych evals" are a waste of time.

Mathias Kohl: A waste of time? Like back on Earth?

Danielle Sho: That was different.

Mathias Kohl: Was it? Anger. Issues with authority? A year of counselling doesn't sound like a trivial matter.

Danielle Sho: Those files were supposed to be closed.

Mathias Kohl: Are you angry?

Danielle Sho: I'm getting there.

Mathias Kohl: Any... new relationships?

Danielle Sho: No.

Mathias Kohl: I thought you and Miss Foy - the Sanitation Engineer - were seen together.

Danielle Sho: She's a Sanitation Boss. And we're not in a relationship. Not anymore.

Mathias Kohl: Ah. And this separation, did it involve anger? Issues with author-

Danielle Sho: Screw this. I'm done. Report me to the Yu's, I don't care. They're putting the station at risk, just like TranStar North, and just like on Earthside. You assholes will just bury it with your psych eval bullshit. And another thing-


This TranScribe can be transferred from Mathias Kohl's workstation in the Trauma Center, Talos I Lobby.

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