"A vehicle! Hell yeah!"
Tommy after discovering shuttle. [src]

Shuttles are small craft found upon the Sphere, it serves both a combat and utility role, having a tractor beam for moving large objects.


Prey Edit

The Shuttles are capable of being summoned from platforms, seemingly materializing around the person in need of the Shuttle. It appears to be controlled from a single ball-like control with an imprint resembling the hand of a Hunter. The Shuttles are capable of being piloted easily by Human hands. The Shuttles primary fire is a pulse cannon while secondary is a powerful tractor beam that let's to pick up objects and enemies.

Prey 2017 Edit

Shuttle at 2017 is more like a Shuttle that was commonly used by Astronauts to the space. The Shuttle will appear on Shuttle bay upon the arrival of Walther Dahl to the Shuttle Bay itself. From here, Morgan will have to make decisions whether to use the shuttle as escape by capturing Dahl with assistant of Igwe to remove Neuromods that contain orders to kill all of Talos I Staff Personnel aboard.

The main lounge of the ship will only occupied by four person, known as Dayo Igwe, Sarah Elazar, Mikhaila Ilyushin and Aaron Ingram. The pilot deck will only exclusive to Morgan and Dahl while the Shuttle Cargo is the amount of survivor that Morgan saved.