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The Shuttle Bay is the "spaceport" for landing and departing commercial spaceships on board Talos I in Prey (2017)


Initially, the Shuttle Bay lacks oxygen before Walther Dahl's arrival, but once Dahl arrives the oxygen will return to normal. In the Main Story, Dahl's shuttle will dock at the Shuttle Bay and the Military Operators are already swarming the place. The hordes of Military Operators can defeat the Nightmare in a matter of seconds, but they can also be corrupted or controlled by a Technopath.

If Morgan manages to rescue Igwe and Dahl, Dahl's memories about receiving orders to kill Talos I staff can be removed. On both endings, a shuttle will be seen escaping from Talos I regardless of your choice to deploy the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter or destroy Talos I.

All survivors will be accounted for in the Shuttle Bay on the final Main Quest which is to escape Talos I, mainly only Mikhaila, Igwe, Sarah and Aaron along with Dahl on the main deck, while the other survivors will be in shuttle cargo. It usually depends on how many survivors you save throughout the game.



Places of Interest[]


Main Quest[]

  • Dahl's Whereabouts
  • Escape through Shuttle Bay (If Igwe and Dahl survives and you choose to self-destruct Talos I)

Side Quests[]




Missing Employees[]

A total of 17 missing TranStar personnel can be found here: