"You have learned well. No mortal obstacle can stand in the path of your spirit. You become like Chameleon, who moves unseen. Invisible."
Enisi after Tommy learns Spirit Walk. [src]

Spirit Walk is a special ability that let's Tommy to separate his spirit from his body.

Overview Edit

Tommy will gain the ability to separate his spirit from his body. This is known as Spirit Walk. When in this mode, Tommy leaves his physical body behind to wander the world in his spirit form. Tommy's physical body remains vurnerable to attack, though, so it is best to stash the body somewhere safe before transcending to Spirit Walk.

Enemies will generally not attack your spirit unless you attack first. Note that if you leave your physical body while under attack, the enemies can sense your transcendence and will continue attack your spirit form. Mechanisms that require a physical presence, such as doors, will not open for Tommy when he is in Spirit Walk since they cannot detect your presence. Attacks sustained while in Spirit Walk will lower your Spirit Gauge.

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