"Good morning Morgan. I'm Doctor Bellamy, looks like we got some tests to run today."
Dr. Bellamy during his testing of Morgan. [src]

Dr. Sylvain Bellamy was a researcher and the Neuromod Division Director on the Talos I station, that appears during Prey (2017).

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Prey (2017) Edit

Sylvain Bellamy carried out various tests on Morgan, until he was attacked and killed by a Mimic that escaped its containment and camouflaged into a cup. After Morgan escapes the Simulation Lab, he or she can find an e-mail in one of the computers in the office saying that Bellamy's corpse has some Psychoscope data related to Mimicry and Remote Manipulation and is being held at the Trauma Center.

This opens up a side mission where Morgan has to find Bellamy's body and steal the Psychoscope data. However, he/she finds out through an e-mail in the Security Station at the Trauma Center that his/her brother Alex has ordered to move Bellamy's corpse to Psychotronics Division Morgue instead.

Morgan then travels to the Morgue and retrieves the keycard to Bellamy's cabin. He also carries biohazard waste.

He has two offices on the Talos I station: one next to Morgan Yu's in the Talos I lobby and another within the Neuromod Division. An e-mail from Morgan on Sylvain's terminal states that if the testing takes longer than expected, to move from his office in the Talos I station to a location closer to the Simulation Lab. A note can be found on Sylvain's lobby office requesting the boxes to be moved.

In Sylvain's office wall on the Talos I lobby, there is a diploma from Hader University stating he received a Masters in Science (MSc) in Molecular Science. 

After Sylvain's death, Alex Yu sends an email to the Neuromod Division staff stating that Sylvain is being treated in the Trauma Center, presumably to prevent panic. 


Morgan Yu: Morgan writes in an e-mail that they trust Bellamy in conducting the controversial neuromod tests on them ("I'm trusting you with my brain. You do good work, so hopefully that continues. ;)"). He is, also, one of the rare researchers within the Talos I to have two offices: one located next to Morgan's and another within the Neuromod Division. Due to the nature of the research, the two may have worked with the other on a constant basis. 

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  • According to developer notes, Bellamy is "all business" and "an avid coffee drinker", the latter of which contributes to his demise.

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