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"Talon will guide you."
Enisi to Tommy, saying to follow Talon. [src]

Talon is Tommy's spirit guide, appearing in the form of a translucent blue hawk. He appears in Prey.


In addition to guiding the player through the levels, perching on controls that need to be activated, and translating most of the alien speech and text visible on screens, Talon will also attack any nearby enemies (glowing red as he does so), providing a useful distraction. However, Talon can not be controlled by the player other than to make him follow.


Before Prey[]

When Tommy was a little boy, he took Talon as a pet. After some time pass, Talon died.


When Tommy travels to the Land of the Ancients for the first time, Talon greets him and guides Tommy to Enisi. Enisi explains, that the hawk is his dead pet Talon. He then sends Talon with him, back to the Sphere. From there Talon guides Tommy through his fight on the Sphere.

At the end when faced with Mother, Talon swirls around her, creating a white ring and transporting both Tommy and Mother to a strange realm. After this, Talon is never seen again even in the Land of the Ancients, possibly moving on to the afterlife.