Talos I Exterior is a location featured in Prey (2017).

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The Exterior of Talos I is a huge, wide-open space, which Morgan must traverse in order to finish various side quests or to quickly reach other parts of the station. If Morgan flies out too far beyond the rings orbiting the station, radiation will begin building up and eventually kill the player. At the time of Prey (2017), several locations on the station have been breached, resulting in their total exposure to space.

One of the giant billboards orbiting Talos I can be hacked to warn people that the escape pods do not work.

Since weavers avoid creating legged entities like phantoms and nightmares in micro-gravity, such enemies do not appear in this environment. Mimics and poltergeists also appear to be absent here.

Once the Apex arrives, the Talos I Exterior will be permanently inaccessible and all quests that needed you to go to the Exterior will be failed instantly.

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  • Satellite Used For Nightmare Transmissions
  • Orbiting Data Vault A
  • Billboard Display Terminal
  • Derelict Shuttle
  • Hull Breach - Cargo Bay
  • Hull Breach - Crew Quarters (Executive Suites)
  • Hull Breach - Crew Quarters (Habitation Pods)
  • Hull Breach - Hardware Labs
  • Hull Breach - Power Plant

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  • This the only area from which you can move objects that cannot be contained in your inventory (i.e. bodies, cargo, furniture, etc.) to another area.
    • You can do this before completing the Breach Access mission by moving as many objects from the breached labs as you can or want to into the hallway that would ordinarily connect the now breached Combustion Lab with the sealed Beams & Waves Lab. After completing the aforesaid mission, some of the objects in that hallway will become part of the Hardware Labs map. It is currently thought that only objects from the breached labs (i.e. not the science operator near the Hardware Labs airlock) will be saved and added to the Hardware Labs map.

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