Tentacle Nest is a Typhon in Prey: Mooncrash.


Tentacle Nest is immobile Typhon organism that attacks its prey by releasing three long tentacles from its body. Typhon Spore can be harvested from the nest's corpse by Riley Yu. The Tentacle Nest is first encountered during the first run with Joan Winslow. Tentacle Nests are among the only Typhons which will attack any kind of target in its range, be it Human or other Typhon.

Description Edit


Observation log #0914-062834

Researcher: Louis Sullivan Jr.

Removing the Weaver spinneret seems to have caused an unexpected mutation within our Weaver population. In anticipation of future threats, Weavers may eject an organ designation E7, which seems to transform into a separate organism with multiple hostile tendrills. More research will need to be conducted.


Kinda dumb, if you ask me. They'll literally go after anything that moves. They have some pod-type organ in them, though, that might be useful. I think Riley's the only crew member with the proper know-how for removing them.

Design Edit

The Tentacle Nest is a huge lump of a black, smokey substance, with three long tentacles coming out of it.

Strategy Edit

Although the nest is immobile, its tentacles can cover a wide area around it. The best way to deal with it is to keep distance and shoot it from afar or to just avoid it altogether. It is advised to quickly shoot it to destroy it, since the tentacles will be released on the first hit, potentially covering the nest and protecting it. Using a Recycler Charge can be an effective way to destroy the nest.

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