"It’s just… a little surreal. You know? Being here on the moon, under a dome. Aliens. People with… psychic abilities."
Terri Brown to Li Phang [src]

Terri Brown was a security officer at the Pytheas moon base during Prey: Mooncrash.

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Terri Brown was assigned to the Crater, specializing in Typhon control (containment). She was a relatively new arrival to the moonbase, and had a conversation with Li Phang about how strange and unrealistic the Typhon and their powers felt to her.

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Peter finds Brown's corpse in the very first room of the simulation, the Ventilation Storage room in the Crater. It's suggested that she was killed by a Thermal Mimic. She carries a keycard to the door leading out of the starting room and a Wrench lays besides her. On the first sim run, she also carries Fabrication Plans for the Silenced Pistol and Silenced Pistol Ammo.

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