The Cook's Request is a side mission in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

I discovered the cook trapped in the Crew Quarters kitchen is not actually Will Mitchell but an escaped volunteer who's not a big fan of me or my family. He trapped me in the freezer along with the bodies of several crew members he killed. I found my way out, but he's still at large.

Objectives Edit

  • Investigate the Cafeteria
  • Secure the Cafeteria
  • Talk to the survivor in the Kitchen
  • Search the Cook's Room for his Award
  • Give the Cook the Award
  • Enter Kitchen
  • Replace the broken regulator
  • Search the freezer for supplies
  • Escape the freezer


"Will Mitchell" has blockaded himself in the kitchen, and is goading Mind-Controlled Humans into coming to him over the loudspeaker system. Upon reaching the kitchen, he tells Morgan that he will let Morgan in if an award is retrieved from his cabin.

The area of crew quarters that contains Will Mitchell's cabin and the award is patrolled by a Voltaic Phantom. There is a TranScribe recording in the cabin that makes it very obvious at this point that the "cook" is not Will Mitchell. It is actually Luka Golubkin, one of the testing volunteers.

When Morgan brings the award back to Luka, Luka does indeed let Morgan into the kitchen. But then he tells Morgan that there is no water, because the regulator is broken. The broken regulator can be repaired, or a replacement can be found in the Arboretum.

Once the regulator is repaired, Luka lets Morgan into the freezer, and when Morgan enters it, Luka traps Morgan in there. The corpse of Abigail Foy is in the freezer; presumably she was murdered by Luka. The final step of the mission is to escape the freezer. When the player does so, Luka has left a recycler charge mine on the door exiting the kitchen.

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