"For generations The Keeper has been the hunter and we have been the prey. But no longer."
Elhuit to Tommy, explaining their agenda. [src]

The Hidden are underground rebel group that live on the Sphere and appear in Prey.

Overview Edit


While multiple species have been consumed by the Sphere, the only group of beings aboard the Sphere who live relatively freely are a small band of humans who call themselves the Hidden. The members of the Hidden, individually known as "Hiders" are one of the few denizens of the Sphere who seem to not be augmented in any significant way. They are led by a seemingly young woman named Elhuit. The Hidden strive to ultimately destroy the Sphere, though what they want most is to return to Earth, where they were taken from many years ago.

History Edit

Before Prey Edit

The hidden were ordinary humans until one day they're kidnapped by the Sphere. There with the help of Elhuit, they form a group called the Hidden and seek a way to escape from the Sphere.

Prey Edit

During one of Spheres harvesting raids, the Hidden free Tommy. After witnessing Tommy fighting his way through Sphere, they start to help him on his quest. They guide him to their main base of operation where Tommy meets their leader, Elhuit. There Elhuit makes a deal with Tommy. They need to get Keepers brain scan as to escape from Sphere through their makeshift portal. Later the Hidden are attacked by Keepers and Sphere forces. Elhuit is badly wounded and some are killed. Six months after Tommy destroying the Sphere, Elhuit contacts him and reveals that most of the Hidden managed to escape through their makeshift portal.

Trivia Edit

  • Judging from their tattoos and clothes, the Hidden seem to have adapted tribal culture among them self's.