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"The dark harvest is at hand. Prepare yourselves!"
The Keeper talking to Art Bell. [src]

The Keepers are a somewhat mysterious race that are apparently responsible for the construction of the Sphere.


While at first only known as a singular creature, it's revealed that there is entire race of Keepers. They have surprisingly simple motives in abducting the inhabitants of Earth and thousands of other worlds. This race seeded thousands of worlds in the past (including Earth) for the simple purpose of harvesting whatever evolved upon these worlds for whatever was needed at the time, be it warriors or food. They are highly intelligent and are able to speak and understand english.



Tommy first encounter with The Keeper is in Level 11: Hidden Agenda, he catches a glimpse of fleeting Keeper. Later in the same level he sees Keeper again, this time he quickly hops from one portal to another. In Level 12: Jen a Keeper calls to Art Bell and announces that the Dark Harvest is at hand. Later The Keeper with other Sphere hostiles, attack the Hidden and Elhuit, before yet again disappearing. After escaping the invasion on Land of the Ancients, Tommy manages finally to track down The Keeper and faces him. The Keeper proceeds to explain the true human origins and then declares, that the only reason he still alive, is because of his spirit. The Keeper then says, that they will add his strength and knowledge to theirs and turning Tommy in one of them. Tommy denies the offer and then fights The Keeper. After a tough fight, Tommy manages to kill The Keeper, only for more to attack him. After defeating them and reaching the hall to Mothers portal, Mother kills multiple Keepers as a sign of faith in Tommy.


Keepers possess small upper body with two small, three fingered hands. In the place of legs they possess two big, two fingered hands. Their body is mounted on a spherical shaped device that let's them levitate. They have giant brains protected by metal plating and two bright, yellow eyes. The upper jaw possesses multiple rows of pointy, sharp teeth, while instead of a jaw, they have four mandibles.


  • The Keeper is voiced by Lee Ernst.
  • It seems Elhuit and the Hidden didn't know that there was more than one Keeper.
  • It was confirmed by lead world designer, Nathan Cheever, that the Keepers were to return as the main antagonists of Prey 2. Vengeful and bitter over the destruction of their Harvest Sphere, The Keepers built a new War Sphere to destroy Earth. At around mid-way through the game, it was going to appear above Exodus's skyline. In the final level of the game, Tommy and Killian were to infiltrate and destroy the War Sphere.