The Thermal Mimic is a Typhon organism in Prey: Mooncrash. Not to be confused with flaming mimics, which are just regular mimics temporarily set aflame by thermal phantoms.

Overview Edit

Thermal mimics are, like their more common mimic cousins, small, four-legged, spider-like Typhon organisms that can camouflage themselves to look like objects in their surroundings, such as office chairs or garbage cans, jumping out at the player when they wander too close. The thermal mimic has the additional attributes of posessing a psychothermal aura and potentially dealing burn trauma to entities in its vicinity.

Thermal mimics are classified as greater mimics, and, as with their Talos I counterparts, are that are born through the same process as other mimics. That being said, their mutations are apparent in their novel psionic ability and their tendency to attempt to latch onto human's faces during combat.

Description Edit

Excerpt from observation log #1452-022335
Researcher: Louis Sullivan Jr.

I just watched one of these things melt Kathy's face clean off. One moment she's running a biopsy, next she has a mimic wrapped around her head. I can't get the stench of burning hair and flesh out of my nose. Please don't let me die here...

All the fun of a regular Mimic plus fire. Keep the hell away and blast them a distance if you don't have a GLOO gun.

Strategy Edit

The same strategies that apply to regular Mimics can also be applied to easily deal with thermal mimics. They are easily killed by a single close-up blast by a Shotgun; however, the player must be careful not to get too close or risk burn damage. Nullwave or psychoshock can disable their auras and disrupt their mimicry ability. Like with the greater mimics aboard Talos I, be prepared to dodge their lunges at you, and to quickly pry them off of your face should they choose to latch on.

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