Transition is fifth and final episode of Prey Invasion, some of the games most powerful enemies appear here!

Monitor ChamberEdit


Room Contents : The Monitor

This walkway contains a pseudo endboss to the game, the toughest enemy in the game the "Giant drone" but judging from this rooms name this giant robot is called "The Monitor" it is far larger than the drones in prey. It is extremely difficult too beat, and can easily be skipped over.

Migration TunnelEdit


Room Contents : 1 Corridor Beast

A simple L Shaped corridor, not much of note!

Storage Access 2Edit


Room Contents : 1 Hunter

A simple L shaped corridor, not much of note!

Storage Access 1Edit


Room Contents : 1 Hunter

A simple L shaped corridor, the hunter here when killed drops the hand that functions as a key for the door in the Teleporter Access room. Beware this hunter is particularly strong.

Teleporter AccessEdit


Room Contents : 1 Hand Keypad, 1 Harvester, teleport box, 2 Fodder, 1 Gravity Walkway, and 1 Ammo.

This room leads into the Teleporter Hall, in order to get through the door you need a hunter hand, found on the hunter in storage access 1! The three fodder and one harvester pose little threat! To activate the keypad, you need to equip the hunter hand like a weapon, this unlocks the door and you are able to travel to the last level.

Teleporter HallEdit


Room Contents : 4 Hounds, 1 Centurion, 3 Switches.

The goal in this room is to activate the two switches initializing the teleporter, the third switch cannot be reached by Tommy unless he is in spirit form (once the other two switches are activated. Once activated a centurion appears, after the centurion appears a spiritual form of jen calls Tommy to the elevator where he is transported to the sphere. The game ends with a "To Be Continued"

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