Typhon Gate are a piece of technology appearing on Pytheas moon base during Mooncrash.

Overview Edit

The Typhon Gate are a special piece of technology, that were created in order to stop Typhon from reaching other safe areas. The gate are erected at the entrance of every major location on Pytheas. When the gates detect any nearby presence of Typhon, it will create a force field over the doors, preventing anyone, including other personnel from entering.

The force field only disappears after the gate doesn't detect any Typhon near it. The gates console also lets to track any nearby Typhon. The gates can also be bypassed by shooting the control console with a Disruptor Stun Gun or by throwing an EMP Charge near it. Technopaths have not yet learned to use their electrostatic burst ability to disable Typhon gate consoles, and do not seem able to possess them as robotic slaves either.

Not only are the Typhon Gate able to block any form of Typhon, they will also stop any human being who has used too many Neuromods to obtain Typhon-related abilities.

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