Typhon Gates are a piece of technology found at the Pytheas moonbase in Prey: Mooncrash.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Typhon Gates are a special piece of technology created to stop Typhon from entering areas of the moonbase. These Gates are erected at the entrances of the three main sites on Pytheas and in certain other locations such as escape pod bays, and will lock them down with a powerful forcefield if Typhon are detected nearby. On doing so, the sensor unit will turn red and drop down: it is green if the system is inactive.

The Gates use the same criteria as a Turret, and so will lock down on detecting any Typhon organism in their search area or any player character with more than two Typhon-based Neuromod abilities. If they are locked down, the player character can interact with the panel on their front to highlight all Typhon that are causing the lockdown, even if they are concealed Mimics. If the player character is one of the causes of the lockdown, the message "you are a Typhon" will appear.

Being machines, the gates can be temporarily forced offline with electrical elemental damage or EMP effects directed at the sensor unit. Voltaic Phantoms and Voltaic Mimics are quite happy to use their powers to bypass the gates as well, though for some reason Technopaths cannot do so.

Forcefields will only detect Typhon on the side of the gate that the sensor unit is on: thus, they will not lock down for a player character with the Typhon status until that character has already walked through them. On the "inside" there is always a button to temporarily shut off the field, which will provide a spoken countdown before it re-activates.

Since the forcefields are transparent, Andrius Alekna can use his Burrow ability to pass right through them.

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