Vengeance is the fourth episode of Prey Invasion, the main focus of the episode is on Jen and extending the bridge.

Sector OneEdit


Room Contents : 2 Corridor Beasts, 3 Switches.

The long hallways of sector one surround the rooms that contain the switches to Jens chamber. It is a rocky tunnel patrolled by corridor beasts. There are four smaller rooms, three of which contain switches that must be activated (you can tell when the switch is properly activated when Jen speaks with you) in order to extend the bridge.



Room Contents : The ripper, 4 Crawlers (canyon floor), 1 Harvestor (canyon floor)

Initially the bridge in the canyon is withdrawn, in order to extend the bridge the player must find jen and set each of the three switches by her body. One the bridge is extended, the player will find The Ripper a powerful weapon, then enter the cave and move onto the next part of the game. On the canyon floor there is a harvestor and a few crawlers, the canyon floor is reachable only through the entrance to canyon in Sector One.

Cave EntranceEdit


Room Contents : 1 Hound

This room has only one hound in it, this room is notable because it appears to have been re-utilized by the invasion force from native American ruins.

Monitor EntranceEdit


Room Contents : 2 Crawlers, 1 Corridor Beast.

This leads into Transition it has two doorways leading into transition. One leading into migration chamber, and the other into monitor chamber (thus likely why this is called monitor entrance).

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