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Vijay Bhatia is the Chief of Security at the Pytheas moonbase during Prey: Mooncrash.



Vijay participated in many military conflicts on Earth, where he became a tough soldier and an expert with many different weapons. Because of his experience, TranStar hired Vijay to be a member of the security team at the Pytheas moon base.

At Pytheas, Vijay was assigned to the Crew Annex, where he took part in Etienne David's Free Throw Championship and got fifth place with 3 baskets in a row.


Peter finds Vijay's corpse in a random location depending on the run, after which his body can no longer be found in further runs and he becomes unlocked as a playable character. He might also be a Phantom, in which case the Phantom must be dealt with before he is unlocked. His corpse carries a shotgun, some ammo, a Neuromod and additional loot.

At some point before the outbreak, Vijay's son Samir died fighting pirates off the Bay of Bengal. This led to Vijay getting very drunk in his grief at receiving the news, and Casey Fletcher taking his shift for him. From this point on, Vijay's story objective reveals that he awoke some time into the outbreak and was immediately tasked by Riley with hunting down Kasma spy Claire Whitten.

At some point during the outbreak Vijay was stuck in the Crater fighting the Moonshark. Finding he couldn't kill it, he called Johannes Kruse to warn him about it.

Character Stats[]

Vijay is a straightforward combat specialist with the same starting stats as Joan Winslow, 150 HP and 50 Psi. His Neuromods focus primarily on the Security tree from Prey, giving him access to Firearms (increased damage and crit chance with Security weapons), Conditioning (minor improvements to health, stamina and all types of movement), Toughness (increases health up to 300), Stamina (increases stamina up to 150), Mobility (increased movement speed and jump height) and Combat Focus ("bullet time" that uses the Psi gauge). He also has Leverage I, II and III from the Engineer tree, allowing him to lift heavy objects, and Physician I and II from the Scientist tree, improving the efficiency of medkits. Like all characters, he can unlock piloting to escape using the shuttle.

The result of these skills is a mid-range character who is fast, extremely tough and lethal with conventional weapons, and a wrecking ball when equipped with a decent Shotgun. His Firearms skill also powers up the Disruptor Stun Gun, making him very strong against Operators and Technopaths in particular. His key weakness is that he cannot use any Typhon-based abilities, meaning that he can only deal elemental damage if he picks up a weapon that has it, and so is somewhat beholden to the whims of the RNG. However, this does also mean he never has to worry about Typhon Gates becoming locked.

His default starting loadout consists of a stock Shotgun, 12 shells and an Artax Propulsion System.

He is not unlocked by default: the player must locate his corpse as one of the other characters in order to unlock him.

Related Quests[]

  • "Escape with the Security Officer by using the Mass Driver to unlock their Story Objective."
  • It Gets Worse (Story Objective)