Vijay Bhatia is the chief of security (security captain) at the Pytheas moonbase during Prey: Mooncrash.

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Vijay participated in many military conflicts on Earth, where he became a tough soldier and an expert with many different weapons. Because of his experience, TranStar hired Vijay to be a member of the security team at the Pytheas moon base.

At Pytheas, Vijay was assigned to the Crew Annex, where he took part in Etienne David's Free Throw Championship and got fifth place with 3 baskets in a row.

Mooncrash Edit

Peter finds Vijay's corpse in a random location depending on the run, after which his body can no longer be found in further runs and he becomes unlocked as a playable character. He might also be a Phantom, in which case the Phantom must be dealt with before he is unlocked. His corpse carries a shotgun, some ammo, a Neuromod and additional loot.

At some point before the outbreak, Vijay's son Samir died fighting pirates off the Bay of Bengal. This led to Vijay getting very drunk from alcohol in his grief at receiving the news, and Casey Fletcher taking his shift for him. From this point on, Vijay's story objective reveals that he awoke some time into the outbreak and was immediately tasked by Riley with hunting down Kasma spy Claire Whitten.

At some point during the outbreak Vijay was stuck in the Crater fighting the Moonshark. Finding he couldn't kill it, he called Johannes Kruse to warn him about it.

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He and Claire Whitten reportedly got along very well, as shown when she directly killed other members of his service team, but only poisoned him instead so he'd have a chance to save his own life.

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Has greatly increased Health (150 HP) and greatly reduced PSI capacity (50 PSI). His abilities are Firearms, Toughness and Combat Focus. His default starting loadout consists of a Shotgun and Ammo for it as well as a Artax Propulsion System.

Unlike the other characters embodied by Peter, Vijay is unable to learn Typhon-based abilities with Neuromods.

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  • "Escape with the Security Officer by using the Mass Driver to unlock their Story Objective."
  • It Gets Worse (Story Objective)

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