The Voltaic Mimic is a Typhon in Prey: Mooncrash.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Voltaic Mimics are small Typhon which can camouflage themselves to look like inanimate objects in their environment, such as office chairs or garbage cans. Additionally, they passively emit electromagnetic fields that temporarily disable Typhon Gates and other electronics, and electrical arcs that also do damage to organic beings in their proximity.

Description[edit | edit source]



Excerpt from observation log #1602-022335

Researcher: Louis Sullivan Jr.

We thought we were safe behind the Typhon Gate. Thankfully those things can't press buttons. Not that it mattered. One of the mimics was arcing electricity as it wandered close to the gate and completely shorted it. The Typhon rushed us as soon as it was down. I don't think anyone else made it.


Shocking! They'll disable my equipment if I let them get close.

Design[edit | edit source]

Like a normal Mimic, the voltaic version looks like a four-legged spider-like creature made out of black semi-vaporous substance. The voltaic version also has multiple crystal-like growths sticking out of its body, which, like voltaic phantoms', constantly emit constant electrical arcs.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The same strategies that fit for the normal Mimic also work for the voltaic version. Although, players should be much more careful around voltaic version because of their electric abilities. Electronics like the GLOO gun and Q-Beam do not work in their proximity, and any organisms and machines near them are damaged, so try to keep as far away from them as you can, unless this is not an issue for you. As a voltaic mimic's aura is passively generated, nullwave or psychoshock will not disable it. Nullwave or psychoshock will, however, disrupt voltaic mimics' mimicry ability.

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