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The Voltaic Phantom is a Typhon in Prey (2017) and Prey: Mooncrash.


The Voltaic Phantom is a much stronger and more dangerous version of a normal Phantom. It can shoot electrical bolts at its targets and can electrocute anything that comes close to it, also disabling all non-standard weapons that Morgan is using (the Silenced Pistol, Wrench, and Shotgun are not affected). These phantoms can also summon and electrically charge nearby Mimics for around eight seconds, making them able to disable electronics for the duration of their charge. The first Voltaic Phantom is encountered in the Psychotronics Live Exam chamber. Interestingly, they are the only phantom type that cannot warp (move very quickly in short bursts); they only move by walking.

They can be scanned for Electrostatic Burst I, II, III, Electrostatic Resistance, Electrostatic Absorption.



No entries found. Please contact Dr. Hans Kelstrup, Director of Psychotronics.


Never created in the lab - until now. Weaver's abilities must be adapting. Electromagnetic fields disrupt everything around it. Electrocutes anything dumb enough to get close. Like the thermal, keep as far away as possible. Looks like it can super-charge Mimics too.


Voltaic Phantoms for the most part look identical to a normal Phantom, except they have the addition of crystals sticking out of their backs that emit electricity.


The player should be wary about Voltaic Phantoms around explosive canisters as their passive electricity generation will cause the canisters to explode. The Voltaic version is also immune to Disruptor Stun Gun. Also be mindful of conductive surfaces like water or metal when a voltaic phantoms are in contact with them. A nullwave transmitter disables a voltaic phantom's active and quasi-active electrical abilities for around 20 seconds, and an EMP charge does so for approximately just over 10 seconds. Make sure to keep your distance when sneaking up on them. Their damaging voltaic aura is active even when they are not aware of you.