"The last frontier is the human mind and we are its pioneers."
William Yu quote on a plaque. [src]

William Yu is the father of Alex and Morgan Yu and the chairman of the board of directors for Transtar.

History Edit

Background Edit

William was an accomplished Chinese neuroscientist who married a German businesswoman, Catherine Yu. The two conceived two children, Alex and Morgan. In 2025, William founded a technology company called TranStar.

Prey (2017) Edit

As the news of the Typhon outbreak reached the TranStar board, William ordered Walther Dahl to secure all "Cobalt clearance level technology and research" from Talos I and exterminate all human personnel.

Prey: Mooncrash Edit

He appears over the speaker in the lounge.

Personality and skills Edit

He doesn't appear physically in Prey (2017), but there are audio logs of him going great lengths to protect the company and indirectly ordering the deaths of his own children.

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