"The Hephaestus "Heffy" Twist & LOOP Handle Wrench is standard issue for all maintenace personnel employed in TranStar facilities. Good for liberal application of percussive maintenance and mechanical agitation."
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The Wrench is a melee weapon found on Talos I during Prey (2017) and on Pytheas during Prey: Mooncrash.

Overview Edit

Talos I Edit

First found when Morgan goes to escape their apartment, and finds it near the body of Patricia Varma, the wrench is means of escape through either a fake aquarium or the balcony window.

Damage: 10-20 (unmodified).

The Wrench does not accept Weapon Upgrade Kits.

Pytheas Edit

Joan Winslow carries a basic Wrench as her default weapon.

Several Wrenches can be found throughout the base of Pytheas, with various models ranging from standard to elite. They can also have upgrades, like a psi-nullifying effect when striking a target.

Usage Edit

The Wrench is a slow melee weapon that can either deliver single strikes or be charged for a heavier hit by holding down the fire button. It runs on Morgan's stamina bar, with each strike decreasing the bar by a set amount: too many hits in a short time will cause Morgan to become winded and unable to strike (or do anything else requiring stamina) until the bar completely refills. As a result, the Wrench is best used for hit-and-run tactics.

The Wrench combos well with the GLOO Cannon, since enemies incapacitated by GLOO have trouble counter-attacking and take bonus damage.

A number of Neuromods will increase the effectiveness of the Wrench: the Impact Calibration skills I and II increase its base damage while Pulverize gives it a significant chance of inflicting random critical hits, the Security skills Stamina I and II will increase the number of swings that can be performed before Morgan becomes winded, and the two Mobility and three Combat Focus skills increase Morgan's ability to take on enemies which have not been incapacitated. The Stealth skills are also useful if the player wishes to take advantage of the hefty damage bonus for sneak attacks.

Material Yield: Mineral icon 1

Dismantle Results: x1 Spare Parts

Trivia Edit

  • As in the original Prey, the wrench is the first weapon player character gets access to.
  • The word "Hephaestus" is a reference to the Ancient Greek god of fire and metalworking.
  • "Percussive maintenance" and "mechanical agitation" are engineer in-jokes. Both mean "hitting it until it works."

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